Best Moral Stories For Kids

Moral Story: The Goose and The Golden Eggs

The story is all about a goose that lays golden eggs daily . His master eventually turns greedy and his greed leads to his misfortune. 

Moral of the story: It teaches not to be greedy. 

Moral Story : The Golden Touch of King Midas

The story is a greek mythology which tells about a king who wanted to be surrounded by gold . Eventually he turns everything to gold and his daughter too. 

Moral of the Story: Be sastisfied with your possession. 

Moral Story:  The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

Story of a boy who makes fun of others by playing prank on them. Finally no one turns up when he actually needed help.

Moral Of The Story:  Do not tell lie to trouble others. 

Moral Story: The Honest Woodcutter

There was a woodcutter who lost his axe in a pond while cutting wood. He refuses to take golden axe instead of his iron axe. 

Moral Of the Story: Be Honest. 

Moral Story: The Ant And The Grasshopper

The ant works hard, the grasshopper passes time merrily. Comes the rainy days and the grasshopper starves. 

Moral: Work Hard and don’t be lazy.