Once upon a time, there lived a young girl and her mother in a small village. All the villagers loved the sweet innocent girl who always wore a red hooded cloak. So she became to be known to everyone as Little Red Riding Hood. The hood was a gift from the girl’s Grandmother who lived far from the village and deep within the woods.
One day, Little Red Riding Hood set out to visit her Grandmother. with a basket full of baked goods, and her favorite red hood, Little Red Riding Hood made her way to Grandmother’s house. With a good amount of walk she entered deep into the woods .




Halfway to Grandmother’s house, Little Red Riding Hood suddenly stopped seeing a wolf .
“Where are you going?” asked the Wolf.
“well , “My name is Little Red Riding Hood and I am going to meet my granny”
The wolf was very excited and thought of eating the grandmother first and the girl after that.
“ And just where does your Grandmother live?” the greedy Wolf asked.
“She lives deep in the woods in a cottage ,” said Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf now hatched a plan to eat the grandmother and little Red.
“Well it was very nice to meet you today Little Red Riding Hood. If you can see that tree right over there, On that tree grows the sweetest fruit of the woods. You should go pick some for your Grandmother.”




Little Red began to pluck some fruits, and the wolf bid her good-bye. The wolf then ran to reach and eat the grandmother first. Very soon he reached granny’s house.
Knock Knock Knock
As soon as grandmother opened the door she was eaten by the wolf. After collecting enough fruits , Little Red Riding Hood reached Grandmother’s house.
Knock Knock Knock
“Come in!” said a hoarse voice.
As the little girl walked in, she noticed that the room was poorly lit with only a candle next to Grandmother’s bed.
“Grandmother?” called out Red Riding Hood.
“Over in the bed , my dear.”
As Little Red Riding Hood stood near the bed, she noticed some strange changes in her Grandmother.

“Oh Grandmother, what big eyes you have!” asked Little Red Riding Hood.
“All the better to see you with, my dear!” said Grandmother.
“Oh Grandmother, what big ears you have!”
“All the better to hear you with, my dear!” said Grandmother.
“Oh, Grandmother, what big hands you have!” Big hairy paws with sharp nails started reaching for her.
“All the better to grab you with, my dear!” said Grandmother
“Oh Grandmother, what big teeth you have!”
“All the better to eat you with, my dear!”
And then the Wolf disguised as Grandmother jumped from the bed and devoured Little Red Riding Hood.
Eaten up a good meal, the Wolf could not walk and fell asleep in Grandmother’s bed.





A Woodsman passing by the house heard of the screams of Red Riding Hood .
When he rushed towards Grandmother’s house , he found the door wide open.
The Woodsman was surprised to find a snoring wolf sleeping in the bed . He noticed a piece of red fabric in the Wolf’s mouth as well as the Wolf’s bulging and unusual stomach.
He became suspicious that the wolf might have eaten the old lady living here.
With a great swing of his axe , the Wolf’s belly slit in half releasing both Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother.
“Oh thank you!” cried Grandmother.
With the Wolf still fast asleep, Little Red Riding Hood went outside and collected some stones. She then stuffed the stones in the Wolf’s belly and asked Grandmother to sew the stomach shut.
When the Wolf woke up, he noticed the Woodsman and tried running away. The wolf hit the floor, the sharp stones in his gut stabbed the Wolf and he died.
Little Red gave all the fruit she had collected in the woods to the Woodsman in return for his help. The woodsman bid good-bye to Granny and Red .
Happy on being still alive, both Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother enjoyed the rest of the evening with the baked goods Little Red brought. She made a promise not to talk to strangers ever again.

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Excellent story for kids

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