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The Ant And The Dove

Ant and the dove

The Ant And The Dove Moral story for kids

It is a story about an ant and a dove . It was a hot summer day , an ant was very thirsty and searching for some water. While searching for water ,it came near a river after walking a distance. To drink some water, she went closer to the stream of flowing river. While trying to drink water it slipped and fell into the river. The ant now cried for help.

A dove was sitting on a branch of a tree near that river who was watching the ant closely. The dove instantly thought of an idea to save the ant . It plucked a leaf and threw towards the ant. The ant swimmed towards the leaf and climbed on it. After some time the leaf reached to the shore. The dove picked the leaf and brought to dry ground, along with the ant. The ant thanked the dove and assured to repay the help in future .

The dove laughed and asked , what help can you do to me ? You are such a tiny animal . You are of no use to a bird like me said the dove and flew towards its nest. The ant was hurt with the dove’s words but thought of repaying the favour.

Some days passed by , a hunter nearby was about to throw his net over the dove hoping to trap it. The ant saw him and knew what he was about to do. The dove had no idea about the hunter . The ant bit him on the foot. Feeling the The hunter dropped his net screaming in pain. The dove noticed the danger and quickly flew away.

The Ant and the dove story

Moral: If you do good to others , good will come to you.

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