The Monkey And The Wedge

A temple was being built by a king in a garden that was close to a forest . The garden was far away from the city . Many  masons and carpenters were employed to construct the temple . One day while the men were away after finishing their work , a group of monkeys reached the spot . 

The monkeys started to play with the tools and materials lying there. One monkey came across a wedge that was fixed to a partly branched  log of wood, so that it does not close up.



The monkey’s curiosity knew no bounds. It started to play with the wedge ,tugging and tweaking in-between. At last the wedge came off and  the tail of the monkey got trapped in the rift of the log. The monkey had to spent the whole night in pain sitting on the log.

The next morning when the workers arrived saw the monkey trapped. They helped the monkey to get out of the trap. 

MORAL: It is not wise to poke into affairs that is of no concern to us. 

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