A lion in a jungle killed other animals at his will without any reasons . He used to kill more than what required for his daily need of food. Yet he was not happy with his kill.The animals grew unhappy and planned a meeting with the lion . “Oh, king ,” they said, “why do you kill so many animals every day when you need only one for your food? Let us agree to something , that from today, you need not hunt for your food. We will send an animal every day to you. That will solve our problem and we can move without fear.”


The lion agreed with other animals but added a condition. “If you fail to send one animal every day after sunrise , I shall kill all of you.” From that day the animals began roaming freely without fear and sent one among them to the lion for his meal .


the rabbit and the lion story

Once it was the turn of a hare to be sent the next day to the lion . He could not sleep the whole night thinking of a plan to escape his death being eaten by the lion. He started his last journey to reach the lion in the morning. The hare saw a big well on the way and saw his own reflection when he peeped into the well .
Suddenly an idea struck the hare. “I will somehow bring the lion to the well and make him to jump into it,” . The hare reached very late in the afternoon at the lion’s den. The lion’s hunger knew no limits . .

“First, you are too small for my supper . Second, you have come late. I shall kill you and all the others too,” the lion roared .

“My lord, it is not my fault or the fault of other animals.” Explained the hare. The other animals had sent two more hares with me for your meal. As we were on our way to you, a big lion came out of his den and stopped us.”

“We all told about you . The big lion said that this jungle belonged to him and asked us to bring you to him for a trial of strength. He ate two of us . That’s why I am late. It is now for you to decide,” the hare told the lion.

“In that case,” take me to that lion. I will kill him and have him for lunch.
The hare took him to the well. He told the lion that the big lion lives here . The lion then peeped into the well and mistaking his reflection in the water for the big lion jumped into the well to kill him. Thus the foolish lion died and all the animals in the jungle lived happily thereafter.



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