There lived two mice, The town mouse and the Country mouse. The town mouse once visited the country mouse.  For lunch the Country Mouse served wheat, some roots, and bacons. The Town Mouse ate very sparingly, and seemed to be in anger for the poor food.

After the meal the friends had a long talk,  the Town Mouse only  talked about her lavish city life while the Country Mouse only  listened. They then went to bed set up in a cozy place  and slept in comfort until morning. In her sleep the Country Mouse dreamed as if she was a Town Mouse with all the luxuries and funs of city life . The next day when the Town Mouse asked the Country Mouse to visit with her to the city , she gladly said yes.

When they reached the bunglow in which the Town Mouse lived, they found variities of food left over on a table after a party . There were sweets , jellies, pastries, delicious cheese,and the most tempting foods that a Mouse can think of.  As the Country Mouse jumped and started eating from the table , she heard a Cat’s mew which was loud enough. In great fear the Mice ran  to a hiding place, where they lay quite still for a long time, hardly daring to come out and eat . They started to feast again when the cat went out ,but the door opened suddenly and in came the inmatesof the house with their pet dog.

The mice flee and stopped in the Town Mouse’s den again . In no time the country mouse left the place .

“You may have luxuries  that I have not,” she said as she hurried away, “but I prefer my plain food and simple life in the country with  peace and security  with it.”

Poverty with security is better than plenty in the midst of fear and uncertainty

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